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For the last 36 years, the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) has played an important role in the scientific advances of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation and largely contributed to improve patient care and clinical practice.

The most long-standing of the EBMT activities is the collection, validation and analysis of outcome data of all transplants performed by Transplant Centres across Europe stored in a data repository called The Registry.

What is the Registry?

The EBMT Registry is storing standardised medical data transplanted patients across all transplant centres.
The database has a historical legacy of more than 35 years, allowing trends to be clearly visualised and data to be pooled for meaningful statistics for Medical Investigation.
It is a tool of paramount importance for centres and caregivers.

The Registry contains data on almost 350,000 patients and more than 400,000 transplants. This data is vital for the members of the European Medical Community, empowering them to perform studies on past haematopoietic stem cell transplantations (HSCT) which lead to improvement in future patient outcome.

The Registry is widely implemented in Europe. The EBMT receives data directly from most European centres and it does so in collaboration with established National Registries, where they exist.
=> 556 Transplant Centres in Europe are EBMT members and 471 are reporting data.

The Registry is a unique source of data for Research in Clinical Outcome, techniques, trends in treatments, regional variations.

What are the objectives of the Registry Upgrade Project?

The Registry infrastucture has reached its limit, making it difficult to obtain the quantity and quality of the data needed to take into account the latest developments in the HSCT field.

Our objectives with the Project: Implement a comprehensive and expandable Registry for the collection of clinical and follow up data on patients undergoing hematopoietic transplants or cell therapy procedures and their donors.

The upgraded Registry shall be a collaborative tool that can be used by other partners, integrating data quality and increasing the efficiency of data collection and retrieval, enabling physicians to perform investigation for the benefits of patients.

How can you contribute?

The EBMT is dedicating significant efforts to improve this invaluable tool and its implementation rely on its funding from different sources: transplant centres, pharma industry, National Registries and yourself!!

We need your help

Your contribution is absolutely vital and it will ensure that our scientific output will continue. You can support this project either by donating online using this secure online gateway or by making a bank transfer.

Please click here to download a more in-depth comprehensive presentation of the Registry Upgrade Project.
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